Cannot Embed Flash Movies in PowerPoint 2007

Wednesday, April 2, 2008
posted by Geetesh at 1:15 PM IST

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Here's one of the typical questions I have been asked about no longer being able to embed Flash movies in PowerPoint 2007:

I've been working with inserting Flash movies in PowerPoint without any problems in PowerPoint 2003, but since upgrading to 2007 I've not been able to embed a single Flash movie! PowerPoint 2007 poses no problems in getting the Shockwave Flash object into the PowerPoint slide, and it even allows me to set the embed option to True, but the fact is that the Flash file does not embed at all -- it does not travel with the PowerPoint presentation. This makes sharing impossible -- have you run into this issue, or know any workarounds?

There's no official word on this yet as to what is causing the issue, but it is clear that PowerPoint 2007 is preventing the embedding of a Flash movie -- maybe this is due to enhanced security controls in this version -- or it could be due to some other reason.

You can still continue using PowerPoint 2003 to create presentations with embedded Flash movies. If you must use PowerPoint 2007, you could make sure that the Flash movie and the PowerPoint presentation are in the same folder -- and then copy the entire folder if you need to move the presentation to another computer.

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You can use the build for CD feature. This will copy all of your linked files with your presentation including flash files. You're right, the embed feature doesn't seem to work properly for flash files.


"Build for CD" won't work because the PPT Viewer doesn't support ActiveX controls, which is what PPT uses to play SWF files.

Just sayin'

Echo Swinford


Aparently this is only an issue if you save in the 'pptx' format. Save it as a 'ppt', and it embeds as expected.


Hello All,
Is there any update on the issue of embedding flash into PowerPoint 2007?

Can it be done in pptx documents?

Do we know why its a problem?

Thanks for your help.



Can't you just save it as a PPT 2003 file or save it as a macro enabled powerpoint with 2007?


Yes, you can save it as a PPT file -- this is a problem with the PPTX file format, not PowerPoint 2007.


you can use Swiff Player to insert and embed a Flash .swf into the deck.
Although there is no official support for this on the Swiff Player site. One note, once installed, double clicking on slides in the sorter will no longer launch the slide editor...


Thanks for sharing


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