Rewind a Flash Movie?

Friday, August 10, 2007
posted by Geetesh at 8:31 AM IST

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Why would you want to rewind a Flash movie placed in a PowerPoint slide? That's because in certain scenarios, the Flash movie you insert might not play right from the beginning of the movie:

  • When the Flash movie plays for the first time you present the slide, it plays right from the beginning. But if you proceed to the next slide (or any other slide) in the PowerPoint presentation before the Flash movie has finished playing , it just stalls the Flash movie and moves on. Get back to the slide that contains the Flash movie again, and it plays from where it got stalled.

  • Or maybe you are viewing the slide that contains the Flash movie, and then exit the presentation. Of course you haven't shut down PowerPoint altogether, and you reopen the presentation and play the slide that contains the Flash movie. Again, the Flash movie plays from where it got stalled.
These issues may not be very troublesome if you inserted a static Flash movie, or even a Flash movie that plays for a very small duration. In other scenarios, this can be downright irritating!

Fortunately, you can automatically rewind these movies. There are two ways to do that:
  1. You can get over this problem by inserting a little VBA code, and this is easy to do if you follow this tutorial...

  2. Or you could get a free PowerPoint add-in called FlashBack, which does this automatically for you.
Remember: The stalled Flash movie problem does not happen if you shut down PowerPoint altogether, and then launch it again.

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